Yes, Your Response to Customer Feedback Can Boost Your SEO Review Ranking

 Jul, 04 - 2021   Customer FeedbackSEOTips

According to a BrightLocal study, 89% of customers read a business’ responses to customer feedback.

Google search is very crucial in discovering your business. If you own a steakhouse, “best steak in the city” can lead visitors to your website even if you haven’t made that claim — but your loyal customers and diners did, and Google crawl linked the search phrase to your business. This is why it’s so important to create a platform for customers to leave feedback about your business.

Customer reviews can generate their own keywords, which Google confirms helps in your online ranking. If you already have a system in place for collecting customer feedback, using verified Google Review Partners such as Facebook, Google Reviews, and Indeed, then you’re halfway there.

Don’t let your customers do all the work for you, though. It’s also highly important that you respond to feedback as well. By responding to feedback, you, too, can help your search rankings by including keywords in your response. A reply such as “We’re grateful that you had an enjoyable dining experience that was accessible and convenient for your grandparents’ anniversary” can lead Google to surmise that your restaurant has accessibility amenities for senior citizens and the handicapped.

Whether the review is positive or negative, take the time to thank your customers and make sure that each feedback is given equal bearing.

Using such strategies can increase your King Kong SEO review rankings. At the same time, it informs Google, which then informs potential customers, about what the experience is like availing of your products and services.

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