Why Progressive Web Apps Are Perfect For Small Businesses

 May, 24 - 2020   SoftwareWeb AppsWeb Tech

When progressive web app (PWA) was introduced by Google 3 years ago, it was immediately adopted by big corporate giants like Pinterest and Uber. Twitter had its own PWAs designed for users who do not like the native app on their smartphones. The question is why does Maria Rabinky, a professional map illustrator need PWAs?

The success experienced by giant corporations with PWAs is not limited to them alone. Small businesses can gain similar benefits to establish their online presence. PWAs can be an extension of the mobile website because the app can be loaded directly through the web browser.

Most of the functionalities of traditional apps are supported by PWAs without consuming storage space on the device. Compared to the native Android app of Google Maps that consumes at least 40MB of storage space during installation, a PWA only consumes about 50KB.

A PWA app can be loaded quickly even in low bandwidth networks. Since PWAs can be loaded directly from the website, a user does not have to install the app on the device. There is also no need to request permission to access the hardware because the functionality is controlled by the user.

PWAs are perfect for small businesses because the costs of developing a PWA is significantly lower than mobile or web apps. PWAs can run perfectly on devices that have low-end specifications. This is highly beneficial for small businesses that want to cover a broader audience. The app can be accessed by customers in developing countries with low-end devices and low bandwidth networks.

A user can manually add the app on the device’s home screen directly from the browser. It will show up on the app drawer like all the other apps that the user has installed. A small business can easily expand online through fast and functional PWAs.

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