Why Many Shippers Prefer LTL Transport Option

 Mar, 21 - 2021   Customer FeedbackLogisticsTipsTruckload

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is usually the preferred choice for cross-border freight shipments that do not require full truckload (FTL) because of the lesser costs of the shipping process. It is typical for multiple shippers to combine smaller loads to create a full truckload for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Payment for transport will depend on the space used, the type of items that are being shipped, and the pickup and destination locations.

Trucking and logistics companies in the USA and Canada often use transportation management system (TMS) to ensure shipment optimization and visibility, to improve efficiencies and to achieve competitiveness in the global supply chain. The system allows the trucking provider to examine every LTL load whether they can be combined in a single truck with other loads in nearby routes.

While TMS is very important for trucking providers, freight consolidators are necessary for consolidation if there is significant LTL volume. Freight consolidators allow small volumes of freight to be transported through LTL. Partial loads are brought by shippers to consolidation centres and TMS technology is applied to combine compatible loads and create the more cost-effective and more efficient full truckloads.

Shipping costs are minimized through LTL because the shipper only pays for the weight of the freight and the space it will use in the trailer. For example, it is not economical to ship 6 pallets through a full truckload because of the unused space. However, it is important to consider the type of shipment because LTL might not be the best option for perishable goods that have to be transported immediately to minimize spoilage and damages.

Companies that pay attention to their carbon footprints often choose LTL shipping because it minimizes the number of trucks on the road and their emissions. It is also easier to track shipments and simplifies planning for the receipt, inventory levels and manufacturing overflows.

The most efficient LTL transport options are offered by Titan Transline to its customers for their small shipments that need to be shipped at unprecedented speeds throughout North America including cross-border between the USA and Canada. Your goods are guaranteed to arrive at their highest quality through accurate tracking and real-time reporting.

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