Why Are Large Floor Tiles Making It Big In Interior Design?

 Sep, 29 - 2018   Floor TilesLifestyleServiceTips

Hardwood flooring, bamboo, and cork are just some of the flooring options that has been gaining popularity over the years, so if you are considering this for your home, you might want to consider using large floor tiles for a modern and sleek look.


What makes large floor tiles so good?


Showcase your tiles

In terms of surface area, large floor tiles rules. If you want to showcase the material used in creating your floor tiles, this would be the best way to do so.


Be sleek and modern

Recent years have been witness to the changing trends in interior design, and it is undeniable that over the years, the modern look is getting more and more attention. You can easily achieve this by using large tiles that create clean and uninterrupted flooring.


Show different areas of the room

By using different sizes of floor tiles, you can show the different areas of a room without using dividers. For example, a bathroom’s main area—that is the sink and toilet— could have large tiles, while the shower area can use a different set of tiles.


Create the illusion of a larger room

Large tiles are the best in making a small room look large. It looks uniform and clean, which helps declutter the floor space. The vertical lines of the tiles could also help make the room look bigger.


Less grout on your floor

Large tiles cover larger areas without having too much space between tiles. This means less space for dirt, grime, and grout to grow. This could significantly lessen the cleaning that you’d have to do especially on areas where many people walk on.


Great contrast for the room

The kitchen, for example, has lots of small utensils, cookware, and spices, and other things that you might need in cooking. Large tiles would help create a great contrast by making a clean, uninterrupted floor space.


Large tiles come in different styles, textures, colours and designs. Try experimenting with different combinations and see how it plays out for you. There are good reasons why large tiles are gaining popularity, and if you want a clean, modern look for your home, you might want to look into it as well.



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