What Defence Strategies Do Criminal Lawyers Apply?

 Jul, 20 - 2021   CrimeLawyerSecurity

Criminal defence lawyer uses different strategies for a criminal prosecution but the best strategy is always based on the truth. It will show the defendant in the best light possible to obtain a plea bargain, conviction for a lesser charge or even finding the defendant as not guilty of the charge.

How to present a story based on the truth

A prosecutor and criminal defence lawyer may use the same strategy based on factual events but they can come up with two completely different stories. The final story must always have certain characteristics:

  • The story must be based on a truthful foundation of evidence. For example, if the defendant’s car was used as a getaway vehicle, the criminal defence lawyer must show that that the car was stolen at gunpoint the morning of the crime.
  • The story must elicit sympathy from the judge or jury. For example, the criminal defence lawyer can show that the defendant tried to pull out of the crime before it was committed. He even went as far as reporting the crime to police authorities to prevent it from happening.
  • It must be proven that the defendant’s story was based on factual events. If it was claimed that the defendant was not present at the crime scene when a crime occurred, the defendant’s story must prove that he was not really there.

A defendant’s story can be a confession story, a complete denial story, or an admit and explain story. For the criminal lawyer, planning a defence strategy may not be as simple as telling the truth to prove the defendant’s innocence or lesser culpability. The criminal lawyer has to weigh the credibility of witnesses and figure out their reputation in the community and with the authorities. If the eye-witness account is weak, the defence can use a story based on truth to show the defendant in better light.

If you are charged with a crime, your best option is Donich Law that knows different criminal defence strategies depending on the nature of the case and the factual events during the crime. All defences will be applied to put the defendant in the best light possible.

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