Web Apps That Are Ideal For A Small Business

 May, 24 - 2018   Mobile AppsServiceTipsWeb AppsWeb Tech

For small business, digital marketing is the solution to promote the brand and generate more customers. Content is king is not a new concept in online marketing; however, it does not mean that any kind of content will do. In order to attract the audience, content must be relevant, informative and fresh. On the other hand, another low cost tool that can be used by small businesses is web apps.

Inexpensive web apps can manage at least two-thirds of the work needed in running a small business. There are well-engineered and secure apps that were designed to facilitate accounting, marketing, project management and other tasks for a fraction of the time and efforts invested. For example, Ethnio and Usabilla can deliver great insights quickly and efficiently.

It is difficult for a business to thrive if it does not have an intimate understanding of its users. Without an app, a business usually takes about 4 days to set up a product usability research. Finding and qualifying users as well as organizing the process can be very expensive and time consuming.

With Ethnio and Usabilla, the process of research is entirely hands off. Ethnio allows the business to grab and vet candidates through web pop-ups while Usabilla pulls the best candidates from the Ethnia sessions. The apps will continue to mine data while research and product team focuses on interpreting them.

Google Analytics is used by most businesses to measure website activity and to track important metrics. However, Google Analytics cannot always get critical and qualitative feedback. The solution is KISSinsights that can pop relevant questions to users during a live session. The business learns what the users like and don’t like with the app features and design. The feedback is very valuable for a business at a very cheap cost.

Every passing day, new digital marketing strategies emerge but nothing can take the place of content, particularly content that tells a good story. It is difficult to compete with thousands of content on the web but by putting a story into words, it can directly impact on the amount of traffic and leads that can be generated by the website.

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