VDI For A More Flexible Work Landscape 

 Jul, 15 - 2021   Online StoreSecurityTips

Many changes have happened in the workplace environment as work from home and hybrid cloud ecosystems became commonplace. Companies have to ensure that their business is running in spite of the challenges of administering manageability, security, and infrastructure requirements. The good thing is companies have a solution in the form of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

What is VDI?

VDI is a tool that companies can use in the creation and management of desktop environments and applications so that employees who are working remotely can access the applications and services outside the office. By creating a virtual compute system or virtual machines, organizations can run multiple applications and operating systems on a single physical server in a data center. VDI can be hosted in a desktop operating system like Microsoft Windows Desktop within virtual machines that run in the host server.

When the desktop operating system is hosted on the virtual machine of the host server, corporate data and applications can be deployed by the IT team to users in a virtual data center or delivered as a service through the internet. In the traditional PC’s, users have to utilize a physical, portable personal endpoint device from an on-premises location.

By implementing the VDI solution, users can securely connect to desktop images like Microsoft Windows through any device or location. The ability to access applications from anywhere allows employees to work from home with an endpoint machine. However, VDI also allows end-users to use their own devices to access files, applications, and cloud services from any location. A better experience is provided by the digital workplace making it easier to work from home.

In terms of security, if a device is lost or corrupted, connectivity can be easily terminated to protect the company’s data. However, in order to maintain complete confidentiality of corporate data, operating system images must be properly managed and updated including authentication of remote workers.

If you are planning to build your own virtual desktop infrastructure, and IT management team can provide all the components that you will need from virtualized compute, storage, and network. Support is offered even if you are miles away.

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