Useful Web Apps For Online Education

 Jul, 09 - 2020   Mobile AppsOnline EducationTipsWeb Apps

E-learning web apps are really useful for helping students learn better, something that’s desperately needed by many an educator and tutor these days. E-learning web apps can do much to provide effective learning experiences for students, but one needs to carefully consider which apps to roll with; the best apps are not only education, but easy to use and encouraging.

Here are a few suggestions for e-learning web apps, to help people get a good idea of where to start.


A game-based learning app that’s fairly popular in the US, Kahoot allows educators to make quizzes, live games, and the like in order to help students engage with the subject matter better. Educators have control of the activities, allowing them to make fun tasks that improve engagement and retention in students.


Developed by MIT, Scratch is a platform that’s designed to help kids learn how to code, with an associated user community. Aimed primarily at kids 8-16 years of age, it allows students to show off their creative coding skills; using a combination of photos, graphics, and music to create interactive pages, animations, and the like, while also providing a platform for collaboration.

Google Classroom and Google Drive

Google Classroom is a good tool for many an educator and tutor for organizing the daily schedules of their students, conveniently and efficiently. On top of all that, it also allows for online classes, assign assessments, distribute learning aids for the courses, track the progress of students, and other helpful things.

Google Drive, meanwhile, comes with Google Docs, Drawings, Forms, Presentations, and Spreadsheets, which brings cloud computing to educators and students alike, useful for distributing and submitting learning aids and assessments.


Photomath is a useful educational web application, with a dedicated team of professional mathematicians on hand to help with mathematics. Not only do they help develop solutions for problems, they also examine teaching methods to provide and ensure that students learn as well as possible.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a tool designed to keep track of the behavior of students, allowing educators to allot rewards to students based on how they behave when attending sessions, which is great for helping students maintain their motivation and discipline.

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