Useful Tips When Choosing Bedding

 Apr, 25 - 2021   BeddingLifestyleTips

A set of bedding consists of a fitted bed sheet, flat top sheet, blanket, quilt, and duvet. It is important to be careful when buying beddings because the material and quality will make a big difference in having a good night’s sleep. The colour, design, and texture may enhance the aesthetics of the bedroom but it is the comfort gained from the bedding that allows you to relax and feel good about the room.

How to choose beddings


100% percent cotton is a good choice because it is affordable and soft. However, if you prefer more luxurious beddings, a good option would be the Extra-Long Staple or ELS cotton like Egyptian or Pima. Make sure though to buy from reputable brands because there are instances when ordinary cotton is mislabelled as Egyptian cotton. Premium Pima cotton is a good material because its simple weave makes it breathable and cool to the touch. Luxury sheets give you something to look forward to when it is time to rest and sleep.


High thread count does not make the sheets high quality. There are manufacturing techniques that can produce fabrics with high thread count. Anything more with a 500-thread count can be soft and durable but the 200 or 300-thread count may be a good choice because they are soft and cool. Thread count is only one of the factors that you should consider when buying bedding because it is the material from which the bedding is woven from that will make you sleep better.


There are two kinds of weave, percale, and sateen. The best examples of percale weave are the beddings used in high-end hotels. A sateen weave has a crisp feeling that resists piling and feels silky smooth to the touch. The choice between the two weaves depends on personal preferences and how the bedding feels when rubbed against your skin.


When buying bedding, do not be carried away by bogus marketing. Read reviews particularly from people who have been sleeping on the sheets for months. While buying beddings is usually a matter of personal preference, it makes sense to ensure that you are buying something that will get you your money’s worth.

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