Top Software Solution For Small Businesses Planning To Employ Inbound Marketing

 Nov, 13 - 2016   EcommerceWeb Apps

In order for content marketing to be successful, there should be an investment of time as well as money on the business’ part. With the use of inbound marketing software, tasks are made easier by helping companies in creating automatic contents, capturing leads and managing them, measuring the changes in ROI or return of investment as well as the process of distribution.

There are a number of options listed below and many cater different types and sizes of business. Here are the best ones you should try:

  • This takes the number one spot at a minimum of $300 per month. The company has already created a name when it comes to helping small as well as medium sized businesses. Business owners are given effective solutions to their problems especially if they are not well verse with technology. Hubspot offers an all in one function where businesses have the option to create their own blog, control their social media accounts, creates forms in order to capture leads as well as monitor the success of the business with the help of a single interface.
  • This software can be purchased starting at $750 per month while the most expensive package is at $25,000 monthly. This is considered high end software thus the price range. The software is more focused on B2B space. They provide tools that are designed to incorporate the sales cycle of the buyer. They will be able create contents and spread them in different platforms with one single goal which is to nurture leads and convert into sales.
  • The software could cost a monthly subscription starting at $2,000 up to $6,500. It boasts to be an integrated solution that makes it possible for businesses to have custom lead database, measure the effect of the marketing, perform campaigns as well as score leads. The platform also has an advance lead segmentation system that makes it possible to cut data through behavioral targets, demographics and many other options.

If you are not sure the software are for you, you can hire a professional such as crewdo to perform inbound marketing for your brand.


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