Tips For Creating Intuitive Web Applications

 Apr, 26 - 2017   Web AppsWeb Tech

One of the most important things to consider about making a web application is the user-friendliness. An app that isn’t user-friendly and intuitive is very unlikely to get good reviews. But user-friendliness can be a difficult thing to achieve. Any respectable web development company has built itself on ensuring its apps are user-friendly; after all, Oxagile’s web application development services would not have grown had they not ensured the best user experience in their apps.

So, what, then are the things to keep in mind for making a user-friendly app?

  • If it ain’t broke, don’ fix it.
    • If one takes the time to analyze some popular apps, they’ll notice a few details that are similar, if not exactly the same in their design. For example, errors are reported with something red, either red text or a red exclamation point “!” icon. There will be some variation on these details, but they tend to follow a pattern. This is because if the app deviates from this common pattern, they’ll have to readjust, and that would feel counter intuitive, especially if they use your app alongside others. Oxagile’s web application development services uses similar patterns to that of Google or Facebook, because it works. They set themselves apart by adding their own touch to it, kind of like how cover songs work.
  • Group up!
    • Grouping up related objects together, whether functions or links, allows users to easily guess what some of the more unfamiliar options does. For example, verification is located near log in, settings, and log out, placed in the same drop-down box with the same font design. This will tell users that verification does something related to their account, all without having it explained to them.
  • Less is More!
    • The more functions you add to your app, the more convoluted it becomes. Not just for your users to operate, but also for you to develop. It might seem like a bad idea to just disregard ideas for development, but consider this: Would you rather have an app that does a lot of things averagely, or an app that does one thing perfectly? Sometimes, there really is elegance in simplicity.
  • What’s the plan?
    • Developing an app is a big undertaking. It’s a long, complex process that requires careful consideration before doing anything. So, definitely, make a plan. Step-by-step, meticulously list down everything that you want to do, everything that you need to do, and what the end result should really be.

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