The Evolution Of Web Apps

 Apr, 27 - 2018   Business

Do you know what web apps are? The most popular examples are Slack, Trello, Gmail and Google Docs. These are the same web apps utilized by business such as dealers of Gold Coast tyres as it helps them run their business efficiently.

The web was originally comprised of hyperlinked documents but when web 2.0, which is a new version, was introduced in the middle of 2000s that is when things started to become interactive. From simple and basic tasks, now everything can be accomplished with the help of web apps. These are apps that improve the user experience and add more to the boring and basic desktop apps we have.

If there is one thing that cannot be denied when it comes to web apps, it’s the fact that the native apps are performing better. Native apps refer to those that were designed for a specific platform or operating system such as Windows, iOS and Android.As technology never stops advancing, web platforms are expected to continue evolving over time. There are many technologies that are expected to make web apps better than before compared to the native apps.

The latest development is called progressive web apps. What are these? These are websites that can be added on the home screen much like a native app. The requirement is that the site must have a manifest file in order to be added. After which, the user can choose the name for the app, add an icon or define whether it will cover the entire screen or be featured similar to a regular browser UI.

The difference is that progressive web apps let you visit a website without having to go through the browser. It also utilized the cache function of your device therefore you can still have some access despite having no internet connection. In turn, the website will load faster and the user activity will be saved similar to a regular app.

This is good news for businesses who do not want to create a separate mobile app for the users to download. For small businesses such dealers of Gold Coast tyres, all they have to do is make a progressive web app for their websites and the customers will be able to access their websites faster.

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