The Difference Between Mobile Apps And Mobile Sites

 Nov, 05 - 2020   Mobile AppsServiceTechnologyTips

Map illustrators like Maria Rabinky must start considering mobile app development to stay ahead of the competition. Having a mobile app nowadays is more advantageous than a responsive website because they are 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and performs actions much faster, too. Because the apps are stored locally on the device, accessing them happens in a blink of an eye.

In the case of mobile-optimized websites, data has to be fetched from the webserver and this usually takes a few seconds to a minute. Speed is often dependent on the network and packet sizes. Mobile sites use JavaScript to run functions while apps run on frameworks that are 5 times faster. Since all this happens at the back-end, users can perform actions faster on the front-end and enjoy a better user experience.

Users love content that is tailored to their preferences because it improves their experience. It is similar to offering a user with a tailored communication in the language they speak and understand. A mobile app can be personalized according to a user’s interest, behavior, location, culture, etc.

Mobile apps allow users to clearly define and set their preferences right from the start. The app observes their engagement and behavior to be able to provide custom recommendations and filter updates based on their current locations in real-time. Having a mobile app is not all about personalization, for a business the app can sell products and services easily.

Mobile apps can be instantly accessed by a tap. Consumers can quickly consume content and enjoy a seamless experience. On top of that, important data is stored and can be accessed offline when there is no internet connection. The ability to be accessed offline makes the mobile app a better option for mobile websites that require an active internet connection to perform critical tasks.

Meanwhile, if you need an illustrated map of your city, town, campus, or resort, you can contact Maria Rabinky, a uniquely talented map illustrator. Illustrated maps are works of art that are completely created by hand but incorporated with technology. Several satellite imageries and other mapping resources are used to create the completed material.

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