Recommended Tools For Social Media Management

 Jul, 04 - 2017   Marketing

Nowadays, businesses thrive because of social media marketing. Without this, it is a challenge to generate traffic to your website and gather leads. This is why it is important to have the right tools when performing social media management in various major platforms such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Here are some of the recommended tools that are on top of the list of social media marketing experts.

  • This is the most widely used of all available social media management tools. This is ideal for both individuals and businesses. Campaigns can be easily done across different social media platforms with the use of only one dashboard. With Hootsuite, one will be able to manage their social media accounts, track conversations as well as measure the results of their ongoing campaigns through mobile gadgets or the web. There is a free version, a professional version and enterprise solution.
  • This is a tool used mainly for scheduling content publishing in various social media accounts. One will be able to line up the contents they are planning to publish and they will be automatically posted according to schedule. This will ensure that your sites will have fresh, new contents in a week. Analytics is also provided by the Buffer app.
  • This is a powerful site that is used by businesses that desire automation when it comes to social media management. Sharing can be done automatically through a number of major channels. It can be integrated with other web applications such as Hootsuite and Buffer. This is an important tool for experts in the social media marketing field.
  • This web tool for social media management is mostly used for productivity enhancements. Some are free while some are paid. This can be done on different social media sites and offer a number of features such as tracking keywords, posting tweets based on schedule and showing mentions as well as retweets. It will also easily cleanup the DM inbox, auto-follow customers and send them an automatic DM for the first time followers. It will help in increasing the productivity of your social media presence without having to do much.
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