Providing A Great User Experience Through Web Apps

 Apr, 01 - 2020   BusinessMarketingMobile AppsOnline StoreTipsWeb Apps

Is it feasible for a clinic that offers affordable dental solutions to use progressive web apps to connect to their audience? Technology has progressed very quickly and progressive web apps (PWAs) are now the new way for businesses to connect with website visitors in an engaging and more effective manner. PWAs are accessible to small businesses that cannot afford to develop their own app.

Google has always emphasized the importance of responsive web design. In 2015, Google announced that it would prioritize responsive websites in page ranking and provided them necessary tools that businesses can use.

The format of PWA is designed to provide great user experience. They are as reliable as the website and loads as quickly as the apps downloaded offline. PWAs are mobile apps that are packaged neatly with a launcher button on the home screen of a smartphone. However, PWAs only work if the website is mobile responsive.

Many businesses understand the benefits of a native app but they do not have the knowledge and budget to create the app and provide ongoing support to its users. PWAs bridge the gap between a great website and the difficulty of building and supporting a web app.

Benefits of PWAs include app-like user interface, instantaneous page load speed and reliability of an offline app including features like geolocation and notifications and a button on the home screen of a smartphone or tablet. The button provides businesses with an opportunity to be at the forefront of the user’s mind. PWAs do not require installation through app stores.

According to ComScore’s US Mobile Apps Report in 2017, users often browse the web through their smartphones but majority of the time they use apps to connect to social media, brands, ecommerce sites or gaming. Businesses using PWA can immediately show users their new offers using personalized push notifications.

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