Making Life Easier For Businesses Through Whatsapp’s New Features

 Jul, 08 - 2019   BusinessCleaningMobile AppsService

Web apps have become an important marketing tool for small businesses from those offering natural stone tiles for homes to those that are building a customer base for a unique product. Facebook’s WhatsApp was introduced as a standalone app for small business customers. After a year, the business app has successfully reached 5 billion business customers.

WhatsApp used to be available only in mobile but now the app can be used easily on desktops. Several of the most popular mobile features that include tools to organize and filter chats and quickly reply to customer inquiries can now be used through desktops.

One of the latest features of WhatsApp is Quick Reply that allows businesses to reply to common inquiries from customers through pre-written replies. A quick reply can be triggered on WhatsApp Business by pressing”/” button on the keyboard. This feature is similar to “Saved Replies” that was introduced by Facebook several years ago. Businesses with Facebook Pages can respond to their customers through canned messages.

WhatsApp Business app joins other customer service features like automated greeting messages that are triggered whenever a customer pings the business account or the “away” message that can be scheduled when a business cannot immediately reply to new inquiries.

Other features that are now being introduced to web and desktop users include label and chat filters. The label filter allows a business to organize contacts using labels while the chat filter can filter chat lists by categories like unread messages, group lists or broadcast lists. Like Quick Replies, these features are available on mobile.

The idea behind WhatsApp desktop apps is to make it easier for businesses to send invoices, schedule appointments and respond to customer inquiries through their computer. They do not have to use mobile to use basic customer service features.

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