Making An Ad Ready Web App

 Oct, 23 - 2020   Advertising ReviewsBusinessMobile AppsTipsWeb Apps

In an increasingly online age, online advertising is more important than ever. Online ads and online reviews like king kong advertising reviews are more powerful than ever, which is why a lot of advertisers work hard to get traffic.

For people that handle web apps, prepping the app for advertising is an important part of the development cycle. There are, of course, things that should be done, and things that shouldn’t.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for those looking to make an ad-ready web app.

Create a proper landing page

Generic homepages aren’t a good idea for advertising online. The average internet user isn’t particularly picky, so it’s important that they immediately get sent to the relevant site. If they click an ad for a king kong advertising review, then put them on the appropriate page.

Granted, it’s near impossible to tell what exactly people want, so sorting everything into categories and having landing pages for each is a much better way to go about it.

Stick to permanent URLs

Online ads, whether in apps or on pages, deliver traffic to specific pages of a site; their usefulness is directly tied to the pages. As a result, ads should only really be linked to permanent pages, to make sure there isn’t an awkward situation where a visitor is greeted by an empty page.

Make sure that conversion pixels are high on the page, even in HTML

A conversion pixel is a JavaScript code that puts a blank pixel image on a site, which then fires off whenever someone reaches a confirmation page. It’s a practically invisible tracker of how many people go through a confirmation page, a good indicator of traffic. It’s not perfect, however, as being buried under a lot of code in HTML means that it might not fire off, such as when a customer jumps to another page quickly after conversion.

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