How To Harness The Power Of Customer Reviews

 May, 24 - 2021   Advertising ReviewsCustomer FeedbackTips

The technology sector harnesses the power of online customer reviews to attract attention to a new app or software and build a community of users. Aside from being a crucial source of information, reviews influence the app’s ranking in app store search results.

When requesting for reviews, it makes sense to ask those who have been using software to leave their feedback. A link to a review site can be provided to a user through email. Most reviews would contain suggestions for improvement that a technology company can use when releasing a new app or software to the market.

There are review sites that allow companies to encourage their customers to leave their feedback. Some even provide free tools to companies so that they proactively reach out for online reviews. However, make sure that review requests are in compliance with the review platform’s policies to avoid being penalized.

After successfully getting customer reviews, the next step is to respond to each of them individually including the unfavourable reviews. Amplify the feedback and share the experiences in social media profiles. Upload a screenshot of the review on the company’s Instagram stories or post it on the Facebook page. You can also tweet the review to your followers on Twitter to spread the word.

A digital marketing agency believes that the best way to get a favourable king kong marketing review is to provide their clients with an experience that is beyond their expectations. Happy and satisfied clients are more than willing to leave their feedback even without being asked.

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