How To Enhance The Security Of Your Web App

 Jul, 29 - 2020   Online StoreSecurityWeb Apps

It is common knowledge that websites particularly those involved in retail must have an SSL certificate to allow secure encrypted communication between the web server and browser. SSL certificate is also used by web apps as protection from certain types of online attacks. Millions of users are ready to share sensitive information and the likelihood of man-in-the-middle attacks are bound to happen.

For years, Google has been pushing websites towards SSL certificates. However, not everything is clear with web apps. Browsers in many apps do not include indicators like HTTPS, padlock sign or the green address bar. However, this does not mean that apps whether intended for Android or IOS do not require an SSL certificate.

It is a sad fact that research has revealed that more than half of app developers do not secure their apps. Their disregard of SSL certificates has resulted in data breach. Apps often deal with overwhelmingly large amounts of sensitive information which is very tempting to cybercriminals. To avoid any data breaches, data must be encrypted particularly in payment gateways.

A solution for app developers is an SSL certificate that can protect banking details and credit card information by virtue of encryption. App developers must inform users of the SSL certificate to establish trust and confidence. Many buyers are hesitant to buy a product or service if there is a risk that their private information will be compromised.

SSL certificate plays a big role in mobile apps regardless of whether they track fitness levels or purchases for razorblades. Confidential data is always a popular target of hackers, eavesdroppers and men-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. Encryption will keep online criminals away.

However, aside from securing the web app with SSL certificate, it is important to have SSL certificate expiration reminder service that sends alerts on pending expiry. The SSL certificate reminder tool will also provide notifications of problems like misconfigured hosts including certificate information updates.

Through, your SSL certificate will be regularly checked for any common errors. Spot the errors before the users do. Elevate consumer confidence and reputation by installing a valid SSL certificate on your app today.

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