How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Progressive Web Apps

 Apr, 02 - 2020   BusinessMarketingPalatal ExpandersTipsWeb Apps

Mobile apps can be an efficient solution for small businesses like orthodontic clinics that are willing to take advantage of the benefits it can provide. Mobile apps require simple and quick web development process and execution to become an efficient business solution.

Pinterest and Uber have adopted progressive web apps (PWAs) since it was introduced by Google 3 years ago. Through PWAs, Pinterest was able to increase its core engagements by 60%. This is equivalent to a 44% increase in user-generated revenue. Users of Pinterest can now spend 40% more time on the website.

Twitter has designed a PWA for users who do not like the native apps on their smartphones. As a result, Twitter experienced an increase in the number of tweets sent by up to 75% with 70% decrease in consumption of data. Meanwhile, Uber’s PWA app only requires 50 KB space on smartphones. It takes less than 3 seconds to load the Uber app even on 2G networks.

These examples highlight the importance of using progressive web apps. However, successful use of PWAs is not limited to big corporate giants alone because small businesses can also establish an online presence through the apps.

PWAs can become an extension of the traditional mobile website. This means that users can access the app in the same way they open a website using a web browser to get information about its features and other functions. PWAs support most functionalities that are offered by traditional apps without consuming valuable storage space or requesting permission to access hardware.

The native Android app of Google maps only consumes more than 40MB of space at the time of installation. In the form of PWA, Google map only consumes about 50KB. Since PWAs can be loaded directly from a website, a user does not need to install the app on their devices.

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