How Progressive Web Apps Enhance Consumer Experience

 Dec, 10 - 2019   BusinessEnhance ConsumerMarketingTips

In your search for a high paying tech job, it is very likely that you have come across King Kong reviews on different job sites including YouTube. King Kong is a digital marketing agency that has surprisingly obtained a 4.8 star rating on Google. This means that the employees have great experiences with company that they want to share with other tech talents.

For some time now, Google has stressed the importance of responsive websites because of the overwhelming traffic coming from smartphones. The number of smartphones is expected to increase significantly as they become more accessible and affordable. Search results have started to reflect Google’s preference for responsive sites.

However, technology is quickly changing and there is a more affordable and affective way to engage with visitors. Many big brands like Twitter, Forbes and started to adopt progressive web apps (PWAs) and with the maturity of technology required in their creation, PWAs are now accessible to small brands.

PWAs are designed to provide the user with a great experience because they are as reliable as the website and load as quickly as downloaded offline apps. PWAs are packaged neatly with a launcher button that can be found on the home screen of the smartphone.

Since it is very important for businesses to provide their visitors with a great user experience, they need the PWAs for the opportunity to stay in the forefront of the user’s mind. The app becomes part of a user’s daily routine without the need to for any installation through app stores. Progressive web apps have instantaneous page load with the same reliability as an offline app.

The cost of building a progressive web app for a brand varies according to needs of the company, the skills of the app developer and the customization that the brand might be looking for. However, PWA’s cost less than creating a new mobile app from scratch.

It is not surprising for job seekers to spend a lot of time searching through job sites. A useful tip is to look beyond the job description. Make the effort to read King Kong reviews from present and former employees to help in making confident employment decisions.

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