How Customer Reviews Impact SEO

 May, 24 - 2021   Advertising ReviewsCustomer FeedbackTips

Using search engine optimization or SEO as an element to the online marketing strategy is nothing new but SEO has transitioned from keyword-stuffed content to user experience. However, it does not mean that keywords are no longer important; they just need to be strategically utilized in content marketing strategy.

Customers share their experiences through reviews. Relevant keywords are often used by the customer to differentiate the business from the competitor. The business will also use some of the keywords in their response to the review. The website will rank higher on search queries because of the keywords used in the reviews and responses. However, SEO goes beyond the relevant keywords used because search engines also consider the recency and authenticity of the positive reviews and ratings.

The easiest way to get reviews from customers is to simply ask them for their feedback. Feedback requests can be sent through emails or text messages to customers who have recently made a purchase and have experienced the product or service for a certain time.

After receiving a handful of reviews, the next step is to acknowledge them. On Google reviews, users are notified when a business responds to their feedback. Some of the hard-hitting keywords that the customer used in the review can be added to the response to increasing visibility on review sites and SERPs.

Most of the king kong SEO reviews received by a digital marketing agency provide the answers to the most common questions of users. The reviews are useful content that provides social proof of the company’s credibility and trustworthiness.

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