Hotel Apps To Enhance Online Brand Awareness

 Dec, 30 - 2017   Traveller

Hotels in Thailand that want to enhance brand awareness and increase the number of direct bookings must develop a separate hotel app. Through the hotel app, a hotel in Ploenchit can offer more functionality aside from just booking. For example, guests can make special requests through the app during their hotel stay.

Nowadays, looking for a hotel while in Thailand has become very convenient but apps help them to quickly find the nearest and more comfortable hotels that are within their budget. Travellers are familiar with hotel apps because most of them are now using mobile apps to book accommodations. According to statistics provided by Ice Portal, 65% of tourists usually make reservations for a hotel room on the same day through a room booking app. Approximately 40% of US travellers book hotel rooms using booking apps.

However, in spite of the obvious popularity of hotel apps, many still question their existence because of the widespread availability of travel agencies. The online travel market grows by more than 10% every year with many modern travellers wanting to control everything they do. Travelling is no exception and travellers want to plan the vacation and holiday they want to do. Many of the questions of travellerscan be solved through hotel apps.

There are different approaches when developing a hotel app. The most common app used by hotels is the booking app that is usually connected with online hotel booking services. When a traveller is searching for a place to stay, he gets a list of different price options from a multitude of online booking services. Once a traveller chooses a hotel that he deems appropriate from the list, he is redirected to the corresponding booking platform.

Big hotel chains like Marriot and Hilton have their own hotel app that unites all of the hotel brands. A separate hotel booking app is only reasonable for hotel chains that are popular and big enough because there are other functionalities included aside from booking reservations. For the hotel in Ploenchit, the hotel app must have extra deals be able to attract new travellers. Access to information must be quicker because it will be expected by potential guests.

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