Guide In Developing Web Apps

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In the past few years, web apps are starting to gain popularity among developers as well as web users. This is because the apps are designed mainly for user experience. According to one of the top web developer, PWD, there is a big room for improvement when it comes to web apps. For mobile app developers that are just starting to delve into the world of web apps, following the guide below will have a higher chance of success.

The first thing web developers have to keep in mind is making sure that the users are comfortable when using their web apps. This means that they should have the freedom to change the style depending on the Operating System they are using. To accomplish this, there must be different menus designed for specific platform or for a simpler solution, the font compatible with the system should be adapted. This means that for Microsoft, the Segoe font is ideal while Roboto font is for Google. Apple prefers San Francisco while Fira Sans is more likely convenient with Mozilla. Using the appropriate font will guarantee better customer experience.

When adding touch interactions within web apps such as pull to refresh and swipe to dismiss, make sure that it will be incorporated flawlessly. If done right, it will most likely impress the users but if not then it could cause problems instead. Decide only to add this feature if it is really necessary for the web apps but if not then it is better to forego unless it works and has been tested on a number of devices.

Keep in mind that the users of a web app most likely wanted to share contents they find interesting. With regards to this, make sure that the URL can be shared easily. Incorporating a share button would be ideal so that the URL can easily be copied and shared on various social media platforms.

The transition between pages when clicking a link within the web app should be smooth and the speed should be fast enough. This will let the users feel that the web app is stored on their mobiles and not just the page they are using.

Web apps present a new landscape for users to experience the web through their mobile devices. Web developers such as PWD should keep in mind that these recommendations should be considered greatly throughout the creation process.

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