Google To Launch Ads Creative Studio

 Jun, 28 - 2021   Customer FeedbackEcommerceTips

Google is set to launch the Ads Creative Studio, to act as the central hub for all of their advertising tools.

The tech giant and search engine company announced the development on June 21, 2021.

Ads Creative Studio is aimed at consolidating all of Google’s advertising tools, like YouTube Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360. The beta version of the tool will be available for Display & Video 360 customers by the end of July, with YouTube Ads customers to gain access later in September, with the tool to gain more features and become available to other users.

Ads Creative Studio, to start out, will include:

  • Audio Mixer, for making adjustments to audio and creating audio ads
  • Director Mix, for creating custom videos at scale, editing elements, and personalizing videos for different demographics
  • Dynamic display and HTML5, to creating interactive media

In the announcement that revealed the launch of the Ads Creative Studio, Google stated that they’ll be adding additional features to the hub.

Part of the features is an asset library, aimed at helping with asset creation and management.

Google is also adding a new workflow that lets users customize their ads by picking and mixing creative elements.

Overall, it’s expected that the creation of this hub and the consolidation of Google’s advertising tools will help businesses that rely on them, improving operational efficiency, making collaborations easier, and other such benefits.

Google also stated that, regardless of whether the ads being worked on are video, display, or audio, the workflow for the process is the same, which allows for streamlining of the asset creation process and makes it easier for advertisers to win king kong marketing reviews with creative ads.

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