Google Banner Regarding Microsoft Edge Users And Chrome Extensions Quietly Gets Removed

 Mar, 15 - 2020   BusinessEcommerceWeb Apps

While Google is the most popular search engine, with many King Kong SEO reviews primarily concerned with it. That being said, when it comes to browsers, the split is more even, with people having their own preference between Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

So when Google put up a warning to Microsoft Edge browser users regarding extensions from the Chrome Web App store, people took notice. Naturally, the people who saw this called foul, with the internet getting a bit riled up over the matter, especially the Microsoft community.

It’s a little understandable, given that Edge was built using Chromium; basically Chrome’s issuing a warning on a browser built on its code simply because they didn’t build it. How much subtlety that has or doesn’t is a matter for more academic minds, but it’s still a bit of a, in colloquial terms, dick move.

In response to the backlash, Chrome removed the controversial banner, which said that Chrome is the safest and best way to use these extensions. This was countered by Edge dev Eric Lawrence, who revealed that Microsoft put into Edge a protocol that pins the extension store every 2-4 hours while checking for threat updates, which would, in theory, make using extensions on Edge much safer.

Now Google’s warning message is completely gone, and, in its place, is Microsoft’s message; a note about installing extensions which says you can add extensions from the Chrome Web Store to the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft’s done a lot of work to make sure that Edge is as safe as possible, which is very much an appreciated little nugget. Things like King Kong SEO reviews can seem insignificant if the sites on the internet aren’t secure enough for even public discourse.

So, all in all, it was just another hiccup, another footnote in the annals of internet history. But given the fact that Google hasn’t been getting a lot of brownie points, what with how they’re handling other projects like Stadia, it’s a sign that the tech giant has been slipping up rather egregiously lately, and people are starting to take notice.

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