Enhancing Marketing And Productivity Through Web Apps

 Dec, 13 - 2014   MarketingProductivity

One of the ways with which online marketing campaigns are facilitated by Artificial Grass is through web-based apps. You can have a choice among the many different apps that crowd the market so that it will make running a business much easier. Some web apps can provide services that will enhance productivity, marketing, payments and invoicing.

Best web apps for a business

  • MarketWire – this web app makes it easy to create and share content with people who have a stake in your news. MarketWire will allow you to broaden your audience and increase your visibility by providing you top-notch distribution channels.
  • Bravo Video – is the tool you can use to effortlessly launch video campaigns on the web. You can capture your client testimonials to be shared on your website, blog, Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Formstack – is a web app that can create and design any type of HTML form even without coding knowledge. In minutes you can collect information and payment registrations in a centralized location that can be stored in a secured database.
  • WePay – is an option to PayPal as a payment portal. It is a secure tool that can be used to collect payments online with a new feature that allows you to accept payments using a secure embed solution.
  • Harvest Time tracking – allow you to manage projects like tracking employee’s hours and monitoring expenses. It is web based but it also features mobile apps for Android phones and iPhones so that you can start a timer in your desktop and stop it in your mobile phone.

Vulnerability of web apps

There is an increasing list of attacks on the vulnerabilities of web apps. Weaknesses in the security of web apps are consistently being researched by hackers so that they can exploit the vulnerabilities to compromise the integrity of the target site. It is highly important for vulnerabilities to be inspected immediately to ensure that the weakness will not escalate further to compromise the site. You can check your web apps through security scanner applications that will communicate with the web app through the front-end so that vulnerabilities can be identified.

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