Create Great Web Applications Through Better Web Design

 Jul, 25 - 2016   EcommerceWeb Apps

Web app, short for web application, is a software application in a web browser. Web applications and web sites are terms that are mostly interchanged. These are two different terms. A web site is defined by the content it has. An example of a web site is a news site. On the other hand, a web application is defined by the interaction it provides with users. An example of a web application is a collaborative calendar. A news site shows the same information to those visiting the site while a collaborative calendar processes data differently per user.

Designing web applications has to be done well. Web applications that are difficult and not interactive will not sway users to make use of them. Web applications have to be user-friendly. The user interface has to be pleasing to a user with great colors and content. However, it is not as easy as it seems. If users are not satisfied with their experience with the web applications, they will just look somewhere else for a better user experience.

These are a few rules that need to be followed to create web applications that result with great user experience.

First, don’t change the familiar patterns that users have been used to. Colors, icons and placements are some of these patterns. For example, errors should be displayed in color red. Anything out of the ordinary will just confuse users.

Second, be sure to group same elements together. A usual example for this is having the features of profile, settings and log out together in a group.

Third, practice adding less features. If there are a lot of buttons in the application, it will also confuse the users.

Fourth, plan before starting the development process. The app should be broken down in a wireframe before the coding.

Lastly, provide feedback. For example, buttons should confirm when it has successfully saved an information by displaying a message.

In conclusion, users will always look for the best experience they can get in a web application. Web designers are the knowledgeable professionals that can help any business get started with creating web apps for customers to be used individually or to be integrated into a web site. For help, visit

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