Choosing Web Apps Based On Their Price

 Jan, 31 - 2020   BusinessMarketingTips

Does a map illustrator who creates bird’s eye view map for clients require web apps aside from his website? Most small business owners operate on a shoestring budget. They are in charge of daily operations, dealing with employees, handling payroll, etc. with hardly any free time for personal activities. The good thing is, technology has introduced web apps to make it easy to control the business.

Web apps are designed to help a business owner manage everything in the to-do list and delegate employees to perform other tasks. However, the prices of web apps are all over the map. If you will compare 2 programs, they usually offer the same features but with different prices. The truth is there is no best price for software because it depends on the business model, the target audience, customer base and competition.

One of the first questions that you may likely ask is whether to choose the single one-time purchase for a license or a monthly fee for software-as-a-service model. Since the prices of web apps have increased in recent years, it is rare to find a modern program that can be purchased easily. Historically, software packages are usually single-purchase from Adobe creative apps to video games with their monthly fees.

Monthly fees are more beneficial for the creator of web apps as long as their subscribers stay loyal long enough to pass the break-in point for the single license fee. The lower buy-in is more likely to attract individual entrepreneurs and small businesses with shoestring budgets.

However, it is usually assumed that low priced products are not as good as the high priced products. This has resulted into brands pricing their software higher to attract the enterprise level customer. They avoid lowering their prices because consumers may think that their software is defective with lower quality of service.

One of the best marketing tools that business centers, campuses, towns and cities can use is the bird’s eye view map that is crafted from a favorable vantage point. Aside from delivering geographical information, the pictorial map provides a visitor with a realistic feeling of a region, area or attraction because prominent parts of the landscape are highlighted.

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