Caught In A Spiderweb: Web Apps

 Jul, 23 - 2019   ServiceTechnologyTipsWeb Apps

Ding! New notification from Twitter, OLX, Forbes and other apps. Everyone get all these kind of stuff in phones, tablets, smart TVs, computers and even fridge! Yed, you could use Samsung Fridge for Twitter. The words of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus: that the only constant thing in this world is change and true enough, people do not rely on sticks and stones anymore but renewable energy and machine. Whatever you call it (innovation, artificial intelligence, or advanced technology), it has benefited the lives of many people in the name of convenience and a better future.

Gifts for The Future

Flagship cars in New York run smoothly and trucking in Kitchener carry loads more safely. They don’t fly like people from the 70s thought that flying cars would exist by now! Though films like Blade Runner 2049 or Transcendence which showcased remarkable and unreal science beyond our time, but truth to be told, the world have not yet reached that kind of invention or maybe yes, but it’s under tight wraps? Let’s see.

People Behind the Tech Success

Here is to appreciation and acknowledgement to the work of web developers who created wholesome applications that increase productivity, decrease workload, maximize security, minimize anomaly and widen audience, lessen resources. They made an impact in tech.

The Twitter Lite web app, according to The Manifest, increased in Tweets by 75%. Web Apps allow users to interact. Teenagers and some adults enjoy using Pinterest,  a web application that paved its way to success through upgrading from a website to a web application  that not only shows ‘Instagrammable’ pictures but renting tips in upstate New York, trucking in Kitchener, dating 101 and cookie recipes by housewives! Websites must transition to web apps to cater the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, making their content and features appeasing to view on a device smaller than a laptop.

Web Apps For Stronger Spiderwebs

Web applications have truly changed the game for their business and the future. Normal people thrive for a normal life but there are web developers who strive for an easier life. If not easy, then at least useful. Web applications are more than just business, it is empathy by CEOs and Web Developers themselves to create a hasslefree transaction while promoting safety and equality.  Many websites will be switching to web applications sooner or later, as the world keeps choosing to be smaller and to be grasped by the hand. Like humanity, it will evolve.

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