Candid Uses AI To Provide Dental Care

 Jan, 21 - 2020   BusinessDentalServiceTips

With technology advancing at the pace it’s currently at, automation and AI is becoming more and more practical and common in different fields. The dental field has been getting some attention, with Uber-esque dental service apps, helping people get proper dental care, like dental implants, that they need.

One particular US-based company, Candid, has been making waves, thanks to using a mix of professional orthodontists, at-home starter kits, 3D-printed aligners, as well as AI to help provide people with the dental care that they need cheaper and faster compared to the traditional methods.

Unlike other e-commerce companies in the field, Candid’s treatment plans are developed solely by professional orthodontists. Patients can come into a Candid studio, have orthodontists look at them, take needed impressions and measurement, then have the process start.

People who don’t live near a studio, however, can pay $95 for a starter kit, which the company will ship to their door within a few days. The package contains everything needed for a proper measurement, save for the Candid app, which can be downloaded. The app contains direction and walkthroughs for the whole process, and even tracks progress with the help of AI.

Patients take pictures of their teeth with a cheek stretcher in their mouth, kind of how it would go in the dentist’s office, which they then forward via the Candid app. Then they can use the dental putty in the package to take impressions of their teeth with the bite molds, which they then send to the company. If they’re considered a candidate then they move forward with treatment. Non-candidates get the cost of the starter kit refunded, leaving those embarrassing photos as the only real consequence. No worries about wasted cost for dental implants and other materials, or the like.

There’s a lot of details, the usual dentistry stuff that happens. What makes Candid special is that they use AI from Dental Monitoring to keep an eye on their patients. Not everyone wears their aligners the way that they should, which can be problematic for the patients. The Dental Monitoring app comes with a ScanBox, which uses a cheek stretcher and pictures of people’s teeth to see how they’re progressing. The company’s AI analyzes the sent images, compares them with the plan, and sends information to an orthodontist for further analysis.

This means that a Candid patient only needs around 10 days to get their aligners changed, compared to the 14 most need. That’s about 20% less than normal, which can amount to a lot when taking into account how long aligner treatments take. That’s a huge cut in costs, resources, and effort.

As for those interested, they can just head to Candid’s site and answer questions. It’s a promising use for AI; helping people deal with something they would prefer to have done as soon as possible, while providing healthcare.

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