Benefits That Progressive Web Apps Can Bring To Your Website

 May, 15 - 2019   Mobile AppsServiceSoftwareTipsWeb Apps

It is obvious that there is something wrong when you cannot connect to the internet. The most likely reasons include unplugged or loose network cables, network problems, malfunction in computer firewalls or you are outside the wireless signal range. Viruses and worms can also block the computer’s network interface. Help is available through Tecrep24, a 24-hour onsite service.

When the internet was introduced in the 90’s nobody expected that someday there would web apps as well as smart phones that can be used to access the internet. With increasing popularity of smart phones, web apps became commonplace. The user-friendly and high functional nature of web apps brings many benefits to websites.

And then progressive web apps (PWAs) entered the picture. Most large brands like Twitter, Forbes, The Washington Post and many more are using PWAs because they do not need to be downloaded to be used. Unlike the native apps, PWAs work like websites but with functionalities like push notifications and speed caching to enhance the user experience.

Some of the key features of PWAs include mobile functionality like GPS which is great for targeting locations and camera compatibility. PWAs provide the ability to easily use browser-specific enhancements that include push notifications and mobile payments. Because PWAs work across different devices, there is no need to build a different app version that will be uploaded to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

One of the best things about PWAs is they go live as soon as they are published and the user does not have to wait for the app to be approved across different app libraries. PWAs can also boost SEO performance because they are built to provide a seamless mobile browsing experience. This means that users are likely to stay to site and continue browsing.

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