AI Will Radically Change Logistics

 Dec, 20 - 2018   LogisticsServiceTechnologyTips

We’ve heard it before, when a new development looms over the horizon, and people in an industry look to it as the herald of revolution.

An executive from GT Nexus, in the US, espoused Artificial Intelligence (AI), as the development that’ll revolutionize the logistics industry, saying that any company that handles any form of logistics, like specialist logistics, need to adapt to it, or end up left behind.

According to Kurt Cavano, Senior VP and General Manager of the GT Nexus Commerce Network, society will soon enter the age of network intelligence, where AI will allow robots and computers to deal with today’s business problems by learning from human workers and customers and then sharing all that data with all devices on the network.

During he speech at Tucson, Arizona, at the 3PL Technovations conference, the transition has the potential to cause disruption in the industry in a scale on par with the Industrial Revolution, when society rapidly moved from agrarian to industrial work.

Cavano says that AI has a lot of potential application in the industry, from solving labour shortages, to improving warehouse productivity, and others, but, in order to make use of that power, businesses, from medical, food, specialist logistics and others must be willing to adopt new techniques and methods before their competition does. He says that, while the technology is developing faster than people in the industry can understand, they have to adapt to it and make it work.

One of the main points in the belief in the potential of artificial intelligence is the maxim, Moore’s Law, from Intel Founder Gordon Moor, which postulated that the power of chips, as measure by the number of transistors in every processor, would double in power once every 12-18 months.

It is this maxim that has led to the advent of self-driving cars, warehouses powered by driverless forklifts, and stores that need no human staff to man it.

He says that, with the amount of money and effort being poured into logistics technology, regardless of whether or not AI will be the big development that shakes up the industry, they, without a doubt, in a transformative time.

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