5 Items To Discard When Driving For Titan Transline

 May, 22 - 2020   BusinessServiceTechnologyTruckload

Deciding what to take with you when driving a truck for Titan Transline or other truck company is more on common sense. However, it would still be best to be reminded. Here are some of the things to should not be taken with you when driving a truck.

Refrigerator snacks

Avoid taking snack items that require refrigeration, such as ice cream, cakes with lots of icing, and other perishable food packs. Instead, take along with you some beef jerky, soda crackers, mineral water, bread, cookies, fruits and similar items.

Ammunition or deadly weapon

While it can serve as your personal protection while on the road, it can also easily get you into trouble and even some brush with the authorities. If you need to take a gun with you, at least make a research on what is allowed and the type of guns and ammunition that are prohibited, especially across borders.

Illegal drugs

Taking prohibited drugs with you will driving a truck is not only against your company or Titan Transline but more importantly, it is prohibited by most governments, whether in US or Canada.  To ensure that you will not have any legal issues, avoid using or taking illegal drugs with you while driving.

Bulky items

In as much as you want to take several items with you, a truck has limited space. It is important to pack smart and light and to bring only the essentials.  If you want to take a cooler with you, make sure it is compact and not heavy. Keep your things organized and clean inside the truck to make it easier for you to find items when you need them.

Unauthorized items by company

When you are to deliver items or cargoes, the items are specified and it should be the only items you should take with you. Taking along other items with you without the authorization of Titan Transline or your company can put you in a serious situation. You can even lose your job by delivering unauthorized and may even give you a bad record that can impact your future applications with other companies.

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