The Rise Of Progressive Web Applications

 Mar, 28 - 2018   BusinessMobile AppsServiceTipsWeb Apps

We all know about mobile applications because of its popularity with the introduction of smartphones and mobile devices. Currently, there is a big gap between mobile apps and web apps. This is the problem trying to be solved by the innovation called progressive web apps. What is it exactly and how will it change web applications? Will it impact businesses with web apps such as those used to calculate courier costs in order to better serve their customers?

As of writing, giant tech companies such as Mozilla, Microsoft and Google are developing the latest standard that will impact modern web applications. Apple is also following suit and currently providing support for this purpose. The applications are called web apps and pretty much the same as native apps. This will have the same execution as current web apps as they will be using the same web server as the website they are hosted with. Developers will be able to roll out updates from their own web server without the need to send updates to various app stores. The same application will also be compatible to different platforms and browsers.

Installing a progressive web app mean you will get another set of home screen along with a task bar and a shortcut on your desktop. From the shortcut, you will be able to launch the application but it will still depend on the platform you are using. The application will have faster loading time and it will cover various features such as syncing support running on the background, push notifications and offline support.

These apps can also utilize current web technologies available in the market in order to have connection with location services and web cameras among other features that are usually seen used by native apps. The same with any other apps, these associations will require permission from the user before they can access anything.

Things are looking up for businesses wanting to release progressive web apps such as for international couriers that can calculate courier costs for the ease of the consumers. This is another step towards better customer service and for companies to connect with their loyal clients.

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