Solar Tech Tips For 2018

 Mar, 24 - 2018   Service

Solar energy production has really gone up across the world, as countries like the United States, and Australia see the potential value of embracing solar energy.

In particular, data from the US’s Solar Energy Industries Associate shows that the US has over 49 megawatts of solar capacity across the country, powering around 9.5M American homes. Meanwhile, solar panels on the Gold Coast are being installed, as part of the Queensland’s initiative to make itself more eco-friendly.

For regular homeowners, the decision to go solar is a big one. There’s a lot of variables to consider, but, ultimately, it boils down to whether or not the costs of going solar outweighs the benefits, at least within a reasonable timeframe.

If you’re looking to get some solar panels on the Gold Coast on your home, here are some tips to consider.

  • How’s the meter?
    • Net metering laws are a new thing, due to the fact that solar tech is a recent development. These laws require power companies to store any excess power generated by solar panels for later. Under these laws, you would not have to pay for any the stored power you spent, provided you generated more than you spent. Some places even reward homeowners for generating extra power.
  • Is it under warranty?
    • Solar tech is the same as any tech, as any product. It needs maintenance, and it can fail. As such, you’ll want to consider something you consider in pretty much anything else you buy: warranties. Pay attention to the warranties of your solar products, which vary depending on the brand, and the type of product. Some manufacturers have stood out from the rest, due to their particularly notable warranty programs.
  • Start from the basics.
    • Before jumping into the solar energy bandwagon, there’s one key step to undertake first: basic energy-efficiency upgrades. That’s not exactly the flashiest thing to talk about, nor the most original, but it’s there, and it’s important. Simple changes, upgrades to high-efficiency appliances, that sort of thing. Explore your electrical system, make sure it’s as efficient as you can possibly make it. Solar power won’t make much of a difference if it just goes to waste.
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