Progressive Web Apps As A Marketing Tool For Businesses

 Oct, 27 - 2018   Business

For many years, the market was dominated by Android’s native apps; however, it is not longer true today. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is starting to gain popularity giving more freedom to web designers to penetrate the Smartphone market. In 2017, Google introduced “Add to Home screen” feature. Since then PWA’s became an alternative to native apps. PWA’s were accepted by the Android users because it gave them more control.

PWA’s are well-designed, fast, responsive and focused which gives them an obvious advantage to native apps that have to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. For those who are unfamiliar with PWA’s, they are like websites that can be launched in the same way as native apps. While some users hardly know the difference between native apps and PVA’s, there are websites that experienced huge successes with PWA’s.

According to, when it launched PWA’s, their user engagement has more than doubled. claims 250,000 of the website’s daily users usually launch the web app through the home screen. As a marketing tool, the web apps fulfill the need to simplify access to content and increase conversions.

Web designers in particular are happy with the increase in PWA users because they can employ the apps for businesses. Web designers have also recognized the benefits of PWA’s with Add to Home screen features because it increases engagement and conversions. In the competitive digital world, it is important to rank higher than higher competitors.

The simplicity of PWA’s has certainly increased engagement because immediate access to content is very important. Attention spans have dramatically decreased and users want experiences that are simple and fast. Marketers that use web apps must always consider user experience because it means the willingness to purchase or return. Web designers must ensure that users will not experience loading delays. Users must be able to navigate the web apps quickly.

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