Progressive Web Apps And How They Enhance Customer Experience

 Mar, 03 - 2019   Business

It is pretty easy for school campuses, business centers, towns or areas to catch the attention of an audience through landscape maps that capture a scene from above. Although the maps are not strictly drawn to scale, they feature streets view, architectural images, landmarks or buildings to elicit an immediate feeling of identification. Meanwhile, an option to boost customer experience is the use of progressive web apps.

It is important for a business or an organization to understand the behavior of their customers for successful business strategies. Customer satisfaction is the objective of many ecommerce sites that is why they invest a lot of money, time, hard work and resources. A tool available to measure customer experience is progressive web apps.

If it is your first time to hear about progressive web apps, they are mobile apps that are delivered through the web. They are similar to web apps because their provide consumers with an app-like experience without the need to download from an app store. Progressive web apps run in the web browser on their own and can load instantly even in slow connections. They are also up-to-date because of the pre-caching feature.

Consumer behavior is studied through an analysis of the number and average lengths of site visits, page views, bounce rates, checkout abandonment and conversion rates. It is typical for responsive web sites to take longer to load because of slow connections but with progressive web apps, customers will only experience slow loading time at the start. The app will load extremely fast during the subsequent visits.

Since progressive web apps provide smooth shopping experiences, they result into incredible conversions rates. The device level caching feature will minimize the amount of data that has to be retrieved in order to support the shopping experience.

Meanwhile, if you want to deliver a message through a unique illustration, your best option is landscape maps that transform a view from above into an art work. The maps which are more popularly known as map illustrations were popular in the past decades but like other pieces of historical art, they have made a comeback to catch the attention of businesses.

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