Microsoft Introduces WAF As Protection From Malicious Threats And Attacks

 Apr, 09 - 2017   Business

Microsoft has recently released Web Application Firewall (WAF) as on option to protect sites that are running on its public cloud from malicious attacks. According to Microsoft, its new centralized WAF service will protect web apps that are running through Azure Application Gateway from SQL injections and cross-site scripting attacks.

It is rather difficult to prevent Layer 7 all-level attacks because it requires laborious maintenance, patching and monitoring throughout the tiers of the application. A centralized WAF will protect against web attacks and simplify the management of security without requiring changes to the application. As Yousef Khalldl, Corporate vice president of Azure Networking said, application and compliance administrators will be assured that they have protection against threats and intrusions.

Microsoft’s Azure Application Gateway is the company’s Application Delivery Controller Layer 7 Network Service that includes SSL termination, load distribution and URL path-based routing. According to Khalldl it can host multiple sites with SSL control policy and end-to-end SSL encryption and logging.

With the integration of WAF to Application Gateway core offerings, security portfolio will be strengthened further and posture of applications will be protected from the most common web vulnerabilities. WAF comes with OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (3.0 or 2.2.9) that has been designed as a protection against the most common web threats.

Aside from SQL injection and cross-site scripting, WAF offers protection against command injection, HTTP request smuggling, HTTP response splitting and remote file inclusion attacks. HTTP protocol violations, bots, crawlers, scanners and the more common misconfiguration of app structures in IIS and Apache will be addressed.

Microsoft intends to add the new WAF service through its Azure Security Service that has the capability to scan cloud-based subscriptions for vulnerabilities. Way to remediate issues that were discovered will be suggested. Currently Microsoft’s Azure Application Gateway can host up to 20 sites with defence against threats and attacks.

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