Making A Choice Between Native Apps And Web Apps

 May, 11 - 2017   Web Apps

Today’s retail’s culture is characterized by an extensive use of mobile technology that allows consumers enjoy a different shopping experience. For example, a consumer who wants to buy canvas prints can use a mobile gadget to search for an online retailer. After a purchase has been made, the consumer can pick up the canvas prints from a collection point or have it delivered to a specific address.

To make the retail process more convenient for consumers, mobile apps have been developed. Everything starts from an idea before the app is planned, designed, developed, tested and deployed to the intended mobile device. However, there are two option to choose from – the native app or the web app.

Native apps are developed and installed directly into a specific mobile device. To use the native app, it has to be downloaded through app stores found online or app marketplaces like Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you happen to be an owner of an Apple iOS device, it more likely that you have downloaded a mobile app from the Apple Store like the Camera + app.

On the other hand, web apps are internet-enabled apps that can be accessed by a mobile device through its web browser. It can be accessed without the need to download the app from the marketplace. From a user’s viewpoint, native apps and web apps look and work in the same way. Some businesses develop both the native and web apps to increase their brand’s reach and to provide consumers with a better shopping experience.

When a native app is developed by a company for a specific device, it is compatible with all the features and hardware of the device. Web apps, however, can only access a limited number of the device’s native features. Native apps are faster and more efficient and work in perfect harmony with a device it was developed for. On the other hand, the user has to keep downloading updates. Web apps update automatically without the user’s intervention. Native apps are more expensive to develop but if in case budget is not a problem, a business can benefit from development of both types of apps.

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