Increased Efficiency For Businesses Using Mobile Apps

 Jul, 10 - 2018   Business

If you are a dealer of Honda motorcycles, it makes sense to use mobile apps that are installed directly on the mobile phone and can be accessed by the user even without internet connectivity. Mobile apps are different from the web apps that work through the browser of a smart phone because they require Wi-Fi connection. Since people today are obsessed with mobile devices, a small business can use the preoccupation to their advantage.

There are useful apps for small and medium-sized businesses that provide excellent value for money. However, when considering apps for the business, it is important to choose on the basis of the business practices that are being implemented. For example, if the business is using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel in creating expense reports, there are apps that can automate the process.

An ideal app that was designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers is Kashoo that supports the efficient creation of invoices, auditing, taxation and a lot more. Current exchange rates are downloaded automatically so that users can accept credit payments from international transactions. Aside from invoice creation, Kashoo can also track expenses and upload photos of receipts. However, the mobile app is only available for IOS.

A handy cloud-based app that can keep all messages and files in one place is Slack or Searchable Log of All Conversations and Knowledge. The good thing with this app is its availability on all mobile devices and can be accessed directly through web pages. Slack used to be an online game tool but in 2013, it was launched as a tool for online collaboration.

The Slack channel system will enable a business to divide tasks according to teams, clients and other groups. If the conversations are not relevant to the employees, they can leave the system. Screen sharing is also another feature that is incorporated into the app for a team.

If you are in the business of selling Honda motorcycles, having a responsive website is certainly a given. However, a mobile app proves to be very beneficial to stay ahead of the competition. A mobile app is 1.5 times faster than a website and users can perform actions with the speed they want.

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