How To Create No-Coding Web Apps Through Bubble

 Dec, 07 - 2018   Business

Bubble is a startup that started with very little capital. Using its very own personal finances, Bubble was able to build a powerful service that allows people who do not know how to code to successfully create web applications. However, the users of Bubble are not limited to individuals; small and big companies including merchants of cheap games can use Bubble to create their websites.

Many people are led to believe that coding is as easy as playing with Lego bricks. If you believe that, you will be frustrated. Bubble is much more powerful that the average website building service. All the major pillar of web programming in a visual interface has been recreated.

When you use Bubble, you have to start with the design tab on a blank canvas. Web pages can be created by dragging and dropping the desired visual elements on the screen. The visual elements can be placed wherever you want. Maps can be resized as well as text boxes and images. The development version of the time can be viewed by simply clicking on the preview button.

On the second tab, the logic behind the site can be created. Blocks can be added to create a chronological action. Conditions can be set within each block. The third tab is for interaction with the database. Data can also be imported and exported at any time.

There are hundreds of plugins that will allow the web app to accept payments with Stripe, embed a Typeform, use Intercom for customer support through chator use Mixpanel. Bubble data can be used outside of Bubble if you need to build an iPhone app that will rely on a Bubble database.

Many small and big companies are relying on Bubble and it is working fine with them. Even the hosting for the web app can be taken care of by Bubble.

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