HCG Weight Loss? Exercise Is Better And Safer

 Mar, 25 - 2014   Lifestyle

What is the most efficient, healthiest and fastest way to get rid of those flabby parts of your body that are making you look like Baymax from the movie, Big Hero 6? You can starve yourself by employing one of the diet plans that most people are employing nowadays. You can make yourself suffer tremendous stress and fatigue by working out like there’s no more tomorrow in the gym. You can even stuff yourself with every health supplements you can buy over the counter or even from online stores. But the question is: are these things safe for your health? The answer is: Not everything that you can see in the Internet is true and safe for your health. Not everything your friend is recommending can work for you too. And if you are considering employing HCG weight loss plan because you’ve read in the Internet that it helps in weight loss, better think twice.

While it’s true that the presence of HCG, or human chronic gonadotropin hormone which can be found in the placenta of pregnant women, actually enables weight loss due to the significant and dangerous drop of calorie intake on a daily basis, it’s a huge risk to take. Why? The drop of your calorie intake will make you weak and it will not allow your body to get the nutrients it needs to properly function. So instead of risking your life with HCG weight loss adventure, it’s still better to lose all of those unwanted fats that are sleeping inside you by exercising. Yes, exercising on a regular basis does help one lose weight. Before everything else, below are some of the things to remember when starting exercising:

  • Make sure you have enough food intake. This will be the fuel of your body which the body will eventually burn once you’ve started working out. This is better than starving yourself just to keep the 500 calories per day intake when you are in the HCG weight loss plan.
  • Make exercising as part of your daily life. Make it a point that you make sure to exercise regularly.
  • Always push yourself when working out.
  • Find a workout routine that you will enjoy.
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