Do You Really Need To Repair Your Boiler?

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Do you need to repair your boiler, or have it serviced? Note that the boiler technology will need regular servicing and maintenance to ensure safety, efficiency and make it last for many years. To keep the boiler’s warranty valid, you need a boiler service at least once or twice a year.

What Happens Without Boiler Maintenance?

If you have your boiler properly maintained, you repair your boiler less and minimize encountering potential problems that could have been treated when it was discovered early.

Your Boiler and Carbon Monoxide

If you own gas boilers, there is a possibility that it creates carbon monoxide. With a faulty or unrepaired boiler, there is greater chance that carbon monoxide will escape. This poisonous gas can go undetected as it is odorless and tasteless but can kill many people. To ensure the boiler is free from this gas, a carbon monoxide alarm must be installed in all rooms where the appliance is connected. To ensure you are protected, prefer a semi-annual or annual check with your boiler.

Are You a Landlord?

Landlords take the responsibility to ensure all gas installations in their leased properties are well maintained, repaired and in safe working order, as mandated by housing laws. It’s highly recommended that landlords document all information related to their owned boilers, including certifications, warranties, receipts, etc. If they avail insurance coverage for the property, these documents will comply with their requirements.

The Cost of Servicing the Boiler

If you repair your boiler or have a replacement, it will cost you around €3000 depending on the boiler type and the problems encountered during the installation.

For annual servicing of the boiler, a reputed company will charge around €89 to €149. If you prefer a monthly payment, it will cost you €9.99, which is less than the cost of your TV license.

When opting for a boiler service, keep the certification somewhere for future purposes.

So, do You Really Need a Boiler Service?

A boiler service is needed to ensure you repair your boiler or have a replacement when needed. It needs to be done on a semi-annual or annual servicing to ensure proper functioning of the boiler. Just check the Internet for a boiler repair company near your area. Also, check if they are really right for your boiler servicing needs.

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