How Can A Clinic Be More Efficient

 Apr, 02 - 2017   Business

Today, business processes or business workflow optimisation are the lingo of how an organisation and its staff are able to achieve more or be more efficient by changing or improving the way they do things. By being more efficient, it means being able to get the same results in doing less or increasing productivity by changing how they do things. Some of the key areas that healthcare organisations like a clinic can improve on is in these areas of their business.

  • Reducing administration work
  • Simplifying the patient’s experience in a clinic (encouraging cloud computing healthcare)
  • Reducing staff error in general
  • Reducing the workload on management and the team by eliminating unnecessary workflows
  • Promoting an efficient culture at work by making processes less mundane

Some of the ways to avoid inefficiencies are by implementing some process workflows with the usage of technology. This includes the following:

Using an online portal

Integrating the business in a way that makes it easy for the staff to follow the processes required helps both business efficiency and staff productivity. In several cases, it is found that an organisation’s management have more time to focus on more important tasks by directing the staff to use online portals in looking for answers they may require in terms of completing a business task. Systemising business workflow and delivering them in an interactive manner will definitely reduce the amount of questions by staff on how to do their work and allows for employee self-improvement in learning a new skill.

Mobile Computing

Cloud computing healthcare allows doctors to access their clinical software from wherever they are. This allows a doctor to be more efficient by being able to enter patient data while being with the patient or even pull out previous data, which in turn, will cut down on their administration work drastically.

Online time sheets

Time sheets are required by those who work on a contract basis. The normal process involves printing out a spreadsheet, filling in the hours worked, acknowledging the form with a signature and submitting it into the hands of their supervisor or manager. However, it is believed that completing and submitting an online time sheet will save hours of administrative work, but for the employee in tracking their work hours and also for the management in tracking and validating their employees. Clinics and health organisations should implement this technology in order to reduce user error (like typos), payroll issues and most importantly, saves time, thus increasing efficiency.

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