Automating Tasks By Integrating Sales force With WordPress Forms

 Dec, 15 - 2019   BusinessServiceTips

Different websites require different forms. If you are looking for a WordPro form builder plugin, it makes sense to compare WPForms vs Gravity Forms, the two best options available. Comparing the two options will highlight their features and main differences to help you make an informed decision. However, remember that comparisons focus on the premium versions and not the free versions available online.

There are more than 500 apps in the ecosystem and they can be connected using WordPress forms. WordPress forms can also be connected with Salesforce to save you the time and effort in exporting entries manually. With the integration of WordPress and Salesforce, different tasks like sales processing and customer tracking can be automated.

It is very likely that you have noticed that mobile usage is at an all-time high with people spending more time on their mobile devices than desktops. Mobile technology has changed the normal way of life and the business world is no exception. However, the problem is many businesses are cannot yet deliver the requirements of mobile.

Salesforce app is a mobile app that allows users instant access to the company’s CRM data through a mobile device. The app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play because it runs on both the Android and IOS operating systems. No development work is required because the Salesforce app runs automatically. Users can switch between the desktop version and mobile version without encountering issues.

If you are wondering why Salesforce app works automatically, it is because of metadata. Most customizations are automatically available in the mobile app because it can read definitions and displays data accordingly. Salesforce app can be customized to become a powerful tool to get work done fast. There are 3 features that can be used in customization like quick action, compact layout and mobile navigation.

If you will compare WPForms vs. Gravity Forms, you will notice that the later is a less expensive option. However, price must not be the major consideration. It is important to consider factors like features, ease of use and documentation. There is a wealth of information available online to determine which plugin is best for the website.

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