Applications And Websites You Need To Know When Planning A Wedding

 Nov, 06 - 2018   Business

Wedding planning is one of the most stressful parts of tying the knot which is why many couples turn to wedding planner in Sydney for help in order to manage their big day more efficiently. Despite the help from a wedding planner, the bride and groom will feel better when they are on top everything for probably the most memorable moment of their life. In the age of technology, there is no question the helpfulness of mobile and web apps. Here are the most recommended apps when planning a wedding.

  • Wedding planning app from The Knot. It has a large network of vendors that you will surely find the local ones near you. It also has exciting feature such as managing the wedding registries and the guest experiences in one site. It has a Style Quiz which will help couples visualize the wedding they want and a Wedding Day Timeline which is a schedule designed for the couple, guests and even vendors.
  • Pantone Studio’s wedding palette creator app. If you are not able to choose a theme and a colour palette yet, this app is a lifesaver. You can start off with your favourite colour and the app will suggest colours that will complement it in a full palette.
  • Wedding playlist app from Spotify. If you do not have the budget to hire a DJ, you can create your own playlist through Spotify with your favourite songs. All you need to worry about is the speaker to be used.
  • Mint’s wedding budget-control app. This app is not only intended for budget planning in weddings but for everyday life. For couples who are tying the knot, this will ensure that you stay within the wedding budget you intended. You will be able to see how much money you spend in even the little things.
  • Wedding Inspiration App by Pinterest. This is the best place to get inspirations for a wedding from the hairstyle of the bride to the flower arrangements on your wedding reception. You can create a board and save all the pictures you think are worth trying out. You can then revisit these photos anytime you want or you can show them to vendors to let them know what you want.Even the best wedding planner in Sydney turns to Pinterest for new inspirations every now and then.
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