App Helps Homeowners Decide Where To Put Wall Art

 Jan, 07 - 2018   Mobile Apps

Cari Sacks, one of the latest founders of a startup technology company, developed a mobile app to help solve a common issue. Despite being a student at the Highland Park art collector getting her Master’s Degree. She created the app which will help her visualize how a wall art would look like when hanged. This is her motivation in creating the mobile app called Curate despite the fact that she does not have the basic knowledge on writing code. Sacks Museum of Cotemporary’s board member and her husband is Michael Sacks who is a CEO of a hedge fund company.

When asked why she created the art, Sacks answered, that she was once in a situation where he needed help hanging a piece of artwork. Patti Bartelstein, her sister, who is currently the co-founder and COO of the company acted as the photographer. She would request her sister to come to her house when she needs to hang an art. Her sister even helped her Photoshop an art to see how it would look like in her wall. After a few times of doing this, she thought about an app that should be able to do it. She wanted to have an option to virtually hang artworks using the exact scale of the wall and the art.

She does not know how to code so she hired Eight Bit Studios to do the work because they have been known to create art apps before. The group was suggested by Eric Lefkofsky, the CEO of Groupon. She delegated the role of chief technology officer to Ariana Price.

At the start of the creation, they decided that the app is to be made available in the App Store for only 99 cents. During the beta testing stage, they realized that it can be beneficial to galleries as marketing tool. In the end, the app was released as a free download while gallery members are the ones who have to pay for a monthly subscription. This gives them the ability to create an inventory of wall art and their very own folder.

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